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Scott thought being gay was a choice, even after his son came out. His first response was anger, but he held back. Later his son assured him it wasn’t a choice. That’s when Scott realized the truth, expressed his love, and apologized for the insensitive comments he’d made in the past.
Dallas always wanted the same type of relationship he saw his parents have. He just didn’t think it was possible, until he met Laurie. Her past certainly shocked him, but Dallas quickly realized that if Laurie was able to accept him, despite his imperfections, he could do the same.
Turning your life over to God is an important act of faith that brings great blessings now and even greater blessings in the world to come.
Church leaders play an important role in helping those they interact with feel the love of their Savior. Understanding and patience are key. But most important is love—no matter what has happened.
Seeking insight from a professional counselor is a sign of strength and humility. If a person chooses to seek such help, others should respect his or her right to determine the desired outcomes.
As a parent, you may sometimes feel inadequate. Although you may not always know how to respond to the struggles your children face, you will never regret reaching out with love and understanding.
Laurie has always known the gospel to be true, but that hasn’t made things easy. In fact, her knowledge seems to have made many of her life-altering decisions that much harder. However, by passing through all the trials and tears, she has found that she is dedicated to the Savior and His gospel.
People who are depressed or who may be contemplating suicide need to be loved and should be referred to a competent mental health professional.
Ricardo knows that his feelings of same-sex attraction are not what define him as a person or as a son of God. Rather, his experiences have provided him with tools that he can use to bless others as he continues to follow the Savior. 
Ricardo’s friendship has challenged the way Nicholas views the LGBT community, especially gay Mormons. After all, why shouldn’t a good Mormon be allowed to deal with same-sex attraction and still have a testimony and faith and live worthily?